​Our Lives Are Interwoven - Like A Wicker Basket

      ​Our Lives Are Interwoven - Like A Wicker Basket

      A woven hanging egg chair uk surrounds the items it contains. Each strand, alone, could hold nothing. Our ancestors long ago discovered that useless strands of grass or bark could curve and weave around each other to store their food and precious items. In our day, we sometimes store our things on storage shelves. Baskets of woven wicker fit on shelves still holding food and precious items. Living our lives as a member of a family, and even a member of society may be compared to weaving a basket. A strand may represent an individual, and the degree to which the person chooses to express his individuality or blend in with the group determines how tightly or loosely he is woven into the hanging egg chair for sale uk.

      If even two strands are separated, a water-tight basket will leak, or come apart. As people in a group live and work with each other, they weave their lives together. Our choices and the degree to which we accept and appreciate each other and work through differences, determines the tightness of the weave. Many times we need to compromise for the good of all in order to hold our family or even our society together.

      Once bound into the basket, a strand can only move so much without causing other strands to pull away from it. Thus someone who wants power and control or a person who is stubborn and selfish may create a hole in what could be a water-tight basket. These leaks, these breaks in the fabric of society, can weaken the basket and let water out. If a basket is woven too tightly, there is no space for developing individual differences. If a basket is woven too loosely, people cannot easily work together, taking advantage of the whole gamut of their combined gifts and talents.

      The basket maker may, at times, may need her basket to hold water. At other times, a basket only needs to hold larger items. That, too, can be true of groups of people. A sports team has to be, for a time, tight enough to hold water, working together as one entity to ensure victory. But at other times, such a tight weave might stifle. Thus, we choose to create different groups, or baskets, to hold different things. Being woven together doesn't mean we don't have choices, but it does mean that our choices affect the weave.

      Our choices affect which type of basket we are woven into. If we strive to appreciate others and allow them to be themselves and better develop their potential, we, too, will grow and learn. If we choose not to contribute, not to express our thoughts and opinions, we stifle our own growth. Like a basket just sitting on a shelf in the attic, you can hide the beauty within you and all that you are and can contribute. We need to be active participants in weaving the baskets we create in life.hanging chair hammock indoors

      You may only be one strand in a basket, but you can be the glue, helping everybody get along together, adding the adhesive qualities and radiance that makes a basket special. Know that you can wiggle in your weave in a way that will not let the water out of the basket, but allow the sunshine in and warm the hearts of those around you. Or you may be the one who encourages and strengthens others or takes the place of the strand that just, somehow, cracked and broke.

      Like hanging egg chair for sale, our lives are interwoven. Each of us is a member of a family and a member of society. As we live our lives, we wind around and intertwine with others to create a basket or baskets. Sometimes our baskets are tightly woven for a feeling of belonging and security or for playing on a sports team, and sometimes our baskets are more loosely woven for the purpose of combining and enjoying creativity and individual gifts and talents. Just as wicker baskets hold our physical treasures, our life baskets hold the things dear to our hearts - our individuality and the joy of belonging to a family, and in society, our ability to help others, express ourselves and make a difference. Our lives are interwoven like a wicker basket.

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